Elevate your senses at SKYLOUNGE, EXPOCORE’s premier rooftop bar. Situated at the pinnacle of the hotel, this open-air haven offers an inviting space to unwind under the sky while savoring the same delectable menu as our renowned Surj Cafe. SKYLOUNGE is a confluence of serene luxury and urban vibe, a unique setting that showcases the cosmopolitan essence of our hotel.

As day turns to night, the SKYLOUNGE becomes the perfect backdrop for sipping on curated cocktails or enjoying a flavorful espresso. This panoramic lounge creates an enticing ambiance that complements every social gathering or moment of solitude.

Whether you’re here for a romantic rendezvous or an informal business meeting, SKYLOUNGE provides an ideal setting that feels removed from the hustle and bustle, yet remains connected to the vibrant energy of the city. Get ready to xperience relaxation and entertainment like never before.

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