Unlock a world of endless opportunities with EXPOCORE Extended Stay Hotel’s cutting-edge exhibition floors. Spanning two expansive levels, each offering 1,000 square meters of versatile space, our floors are more than just a venue—they’re a gateway to your next big success. Ideal for showcasing innovations, hosting art exhibitions, or leading industry trade shows, these spaces offer the adaptability to meet an array of specialized needs. With the ability to fully customize every aspect, you’re not just renting a space; you’re creating an environment where your vision comes alive.

The true hallmark of our exhibition floors is their unprecedented flexibility. These spaces are designed to be transformed—down to the last detail—to perfectly fit your unique needs and thematic elements. Forget the usual limitations you face at other venues; here, whether it’s reconfiguring walls, adjusting lighting, or optimizing acoustics, our team of event experts and technicians ensures your specifications are executed flawlessly

Visibility is key, and at EXPOCORE, your event won’t just be seen—it will be remembered. Our comprehensive promotional support includes eye-catching outdoor billboards and powerful online media channels to broadcast your message far and wide. If you require more specialized promotions, we’re all ears and ready to provide bespoke solutions to meet your goals. In essence, our exhibition floors don’t just offer space; they offer a stage set for success, tailored to your vision and requirements.

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home away from home is a matter of choice, not distance. Extended stay hotels can provide comfortable and convenient home for travelers, regardless of the distance from their permanent residence.
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